Should I build Qt 5.10 from source on Linux?

Thanks JC!

Should I build Qt5 from source or the binary coming with Ubuntu works?


Assuming you have a recent version of Ubuntu, downloading Qt 5.10 should work well.

Make sure you install (at least) the following components:

These two pages are also useful resources:

Hi Jc,

On the page of

I went in the link behind “Scripts available for these Qt versions: 5.10.0”, this leads me to:

Then in the script:
curl -s -o && chmod u+x
./ -j 4

I assume I should change the 5.9.1 in the path to 5.10.0?

Note: We still need to update the build instruction.

Since you are using Ubuntu 16.04 (based on the message of your last post), you do not need to build Qt.

Could could even do it from the command line doing something like this:

Just make sure to update qt-installer-noninteractive.qs and change the location.

Indeed. And thanks for reporting the issue. Is is now fixed in

Yes I’m doing both ways. It’s always healthy to build from source. :slight_smile:

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That said, note that the version of openssl we are still using in qt-easy-build is obsolete, since 2 days ago, version 1.0.2o should be used.


Maybe this should be a pinned release? (reproducible build…)

Trying to install from qt-east-build, however installation fail during QT configuration phase.

I get this output:

  • cd qtbase
  • /home/qt-easy-build/qt-easy-build/qt-everywhere-src-5.10.0/qtbase/configure -top-level -prefix /home/qt-easy-build/qt-easy-build/qt-everywhere-build-5.10.0 -release -opensource -confirm-license -c++std c++11 -nomake examples -nomake tests -silent -openssl -I /home/qt-easy-build/qt-easy-build/qt-everywhere-deps-5.10.0/openssl-1.0.2n/include -L /home/qt-easy-build/qt-easy-build/qt-everywhere-deps-5.10.0/openssl-1.0.2n
    Creating qmake…
    Could not find qmake configuration file .
    Error processing project file: /home/qt-easy-build/qt-easy-build/qt-everywhere-src-5.10.0

any idea which configuration file is missing and where to place it?