Calculating distances between two identical modelsr

Hi all,
i’m new to Sclier3D and i’m actually using it to write my bachelor’s thesis, so i apologise if this is an odd question.

The work is aimed to evaluate the accuracy of computer-guided implant surgery, which means measuring the distance between the ideal implant position and it’s actual post-operative one in a given set of points. I have gathered the models of the implant’s planned position and it’s actual position and when imported in Slicer they correctly arrange based on their relative position.

Now i’m facing difficulties in programmatically getting the linear distance between the corresponding points of the two models, as i’m trying to eliminate the human errors and thus i don’t want to use human registered points to obtain such information.

Any idea on how i can achieve these?
I’ll attach a screen of the two models imported in Slicer.

Thanks for your help!

You can do this in multiple stages:

  • first align the position based on center of gravity and direction based on principal axis directions
  • fine-tune the result using ICP (using Model to model registration module in SlicerIGT)

Alternatively, you may use Segment Registration extension (that can register the models even if they are deformed).