Calculating volumes from image stacks, scale does not match up.

Im working on a project where i need to determine the volume of fibrosis in cochlea’s. the raw data consists of +/- 100 microscopic photo’s of the cut up cochlea that i aligned and stacked in order(.tiff file). I coloured the segments ( bone; internal space; fibrosis) and tried to use segment statistics to find the volumes of the different segments. when i did this however i got volumes in the thousands cm3. The size differences between the segments seem right but the scale is not.

Can i fix this in a way that will get me an accurate volume size?

İf your format is tiff, it doesn’t necessarily report the correct voxel spacing. İf you know the correct voxel value, you can enter them in the volumes module.

I know the pixel size, 226nm/pixel (which should be the voxel value). I need to enter that in the volumes module.
However, i do not know where

How do you load your data? If you used SlicerMorph’s ImageStacks, the very first thing you enter is the image spacing prior to importing the image stack.

If you already loaded the volume, you can change the spacing in the volumes module. Or right click on its name in the Data module and choose “Edit Properties”.