How to inform the pixel resolution in Volume module?

Dear all,
I have a stack of TIFF images with a pixel resolution of 8nmx8nmx8nm. In order to calculate the volume of different segments in nm3 (and so making the conversion between voxel numbers and nm3) using segment statistics, Do i need to provide the resolution info in the “pixel spacing”???. it is not 1mm by default but 0.000008?
Thank you

Yes, you can correct the image spacing in volumes module.

But that given that extremely small value of voxel size, you might be better off setting the default length unit to nanometer. Edit->Application Settings->Units and expand the advanced option. Should work, but this is not a heavily tested feature.

Thank you muratmaga for your response and information. I changed the unit in nm but it did not change in the volume information panel (still in mm). I am not sure I understand the meaning of “image spacing”. sorry


You may have to restart Slicer for changes to take place. In the version I use (5/12, it shows units as nm in the volume module after applying this setting and restarting. After this change has taken place, edit the Image Spacing tab of the volume module to be 8x8x8 (There is no setting called pixel spacing).

I restarted and indeed “nm” scale is now there. It is now 10000nm10000nm10000nm. But when I change to 8nm 8nm 8nm, I lost my “images” from the different views. my image dimensions are 10711152927…

Hit the center field of view button