Camera calibration

(Adam Rankin) #1


Are there any current extensions for camera calibration and registration?


(Timeanddoctor) #2

I am interesting too

(Andras Lasso) #3

I think @drouin-simon plans to implement a Slicer module for it, and collaborators of @tokjun worked on releated topics in the past. They may be able to give you more information.

(Adam Rankin) #4

Starting work here:


I want to use SlicerVideoCameras extension, but I cant find it. How can I use this?


I use Slicer4.10.0 on win64.

(Adam Rankin) #7

I will see if it’s being built on the build machines.

Edit: Tests are failing on precursor extension, making a build now to fix tests.

(Adam Rankin) #8

Sorry, build took a long time, I am still investigating.

(Adam Rankin) #9

Sorry for the massive delay, tonight’s (tomorrow morning’s) build should show us whether my fixes worked.

(Adam Rankin) #10

Ok, it’s in the extension manager!


I can get it.
I’m very grateful for your work.