Can 3D Slicer be installed on NVIDIA Jetson?

hi i want using slicer on nvidia jetson(os : jetpack)
but it linux install file is for amd64 so i can’t install this
how can i do this
help me…

NVIDIA Jetson is indeed running on Arm processor which is not yet supported.


Would you have funding to help prioritize this ?

I’m still a college student and studying this on my own, so I’m afraid I don’t have the financial means to provide any funding. I’ll continue my research using a Windows environment for now, but it would be great if support for Jetson could be available someday in the future. Thank you for your reply!

Thanks for the follow up and for reaching out in the first place. We completely understand your situation.

In term of timeline regarding “arm” support, we are currently focusing on arm64 support for macOS.
See Support for building/testing/packaging Slicer on Apple arm64 · Issue #6811 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub

Once this is done, we will be better positioned to tackle arm support for NVIDIA Jetson.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to subscribe to the issue I linked above. You can do so by clicking on the subscribe button on the left. See #6811