Can I block 3d slicer's ability to save data?

Operating system: window 10
Slicer version: 5.2.1

Hi , slicer users

I was wondering if it is possible to block the 3d slicer’s save function to process data that needs to be secure.

Is it possible in the same way as commenting out the save function?

It may sound like an absurd question, but it’s necessary to prevent data leaks. Is it possible?

I’m not sure this is possible in Slicer. IO is driven by MRML storage nodes and qSlicerReaders/Writers. Slicer does not seem to have implemented methods to unregister any of these components once they have been registered.

I would’t go down the road of commenting out the registration of these components. I would probably try to search for an OS mechanism to launch Slicer on isolation. I’m not very acquainted with Windows but Windows Sandboxes sounds relevant for this case (Windows Sandbox: How to Safely Test Software Without Ruining Your Computer)

I thought it would be possible to turn off the save widget, but it’s a pity.

Thank you for your quick response. I’m off work now, so I’ll check again tomorrow.

The complete Slicer workflow can indeed be customized through multiple approaches

You could for example create an Application startup file that would take care of accommodating to your use case by removing menu entries, disabling modules, …

Alternatively, you could consider creating an extension encapsulating your workflow as well as a custom Slicer-based application bundling it.



Thank you for the reply.

Is it correct to say that the 3d slicer program itself can be customized? (e.g. Slicer version_1.0 which cannot save the used mesh MRML model file)