Cannot apply Threshold on ROI

Operating system: Windows, Linux, and Mac
Slicer version:4.10.2
Expected behavior: Issue 1: To “apply” “Threshold” on ROI
Issue 2: Can apply “Threshold”, but it is automatically reduced to a smaller region when I pressed “apply”.
Actual behavior:
Issue 1:

Issue 2
Threshold: pasted%20image%202

Though the threshold is working in the majority of cases, there are few on which it is not working.
Can anyone help me to resolve this?
Thank you

Preview is shown on the entire image visible in the view. When you apply the threshold, it is applied to the region specified in the segmentation node’s geometry.

Segmentation node’s geometry is defined by default by the first selected master node. If you switch master nodes, maximum extent of the segmentation will not change. You need to click on “Specify geometry” button to change the extent of the segmentation.


Thank you very much for the support. Now its working.

Thank you for your response