Cannot load DVF

When I tried to import a DVF (.dcm file) created by another software, the message “Not Dicom File” was displayed.
Please let me know if there is a way to import a DVF created by a software other than 3DSlicer.

You can import DICOM Spatial Registration Objects into Slicer using DICOM module, after you installed SlicerRT extension.

Thank you for your answer.
Even with “Slicer RT” and “Registration QA” already installed, the message “Not Dicom File” was displayed.
I am importing files from the DICOM module. Is there any special procedure to import DICOM Spatial Registration Objects?

Where is this displayed?

DICOM import/export plugins run in the DICOM module, so you use DICOM module as usual.

Can you upload a problematic file to somewhere (dropbox, onedrive, …) and post the link here so that we can have a look?

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Dropbox link. Please check it out.
When you load this file, it will look like the image.