Can't import DICOM data

Operating system:microsoft surface pro, windows10
Slicer version:4.6.2
Actual behavior:
I installed 3D slicer 4.6.2.
Iget errors as below trying to import DICOM data.
I don`t know what to do.
Please let me know.


Slicer has caught an internal error.
You may be able to continue from this point, but results are undefined.
Suggested action is to save your work and restart.
If you have a repeatable sequence of steps that causes this message, please report the issue following instructions available at
The message detail is:
Exception thrown in event: Calling methods on uninitialized ctkDICOMItem

Here are some suggestions:

thanks for your reply.
I try.

Please use the most recent nightly build, 4.6.2 is 10 months old at this point. If the problem persists, then please send us the log file.

thanks a lot.
I tried to use nightly build 4.7, but couldn`t import DICOM data in tha same way.
I attach the log files.


Thanks fore reporting. Instead of sending a screenshot, could you please attach the log (as text, from menu: Help / Report a bug; log is available for the last 10 sessions, not just the current)? Before submitting, have a look at the text and scrub any patient information, if there is any.

DICOM files path may be too long. Choose a shorter one, for example C:\SlicerDB. Also, shorten path of DICOM files before importing them, using DICOM Patcher module.

thanks a lot.
As you say, using DICOM patcher, I could import my DICOM data.
I will contact you if I need additional information.


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This fixed the same issue for me - it seems that the slice names were too long.