Can't load one of volumes into neither elastic nor BRAINS registration


Slicer 4.11.0 form 12.9.2020

Module: elastics / BRAINS registration.

I have two series from the same examination (contrast & non-contrast) as two volumes.
The problem is - in both registration modules the non-contrast serie doesn’t show up on the list of volumes.
What do I do wrong?

Regards & thank you for help.

I have also updated to the latest Slicer 4.11 30.9.2020, no success.

Please help.


Most likely it is a vector volume (either it is a time sequence or an RGB volume).

Does it show up in Volumes module? In Volume information section, what are the values of “Volume type” and “Number of Scalars”?

Where does that series come from? Did you import it from DICOM?