Can't locate StylustoReference transform in Slicer

Hi there,

I ran an XML file in PLUS server (code shown below). Following the Hardware Connections slide deck on the SlicerIGT website, I was trying to locate the StylustoReference transform within the scene configuration (slide 9) however I don’t see it. Here is what I currently see:

I am also unable to get recording the stream to work in Slicer. I can press the start recording button but it doesn’t actually start.

Any help would be appreciated!

There is no data stream from the tracker to the PlusOpenIGTLink server.
The output channel from the tracker is “TrackerStream”, while the channel used by PlusOpenIGTLink is “TrackedVideoStream”.

You also don’t currently have an imaging device in your config file. You may need to remove the Image related elements from PlusOpenIGTLink.

Thanks for the help! With the modifications it works now!

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