There is no “StylusToReference”

(Zhao Su) #1

There is no “StylusToReference”,When I use slicerigt.

(Kyle Sunderland) #2

Some questions:

  • Which SlicerIGT tutorial are you following?
  • What config file are you using in Plus?
  • Can you upload your log file from Plus?
(Zhao Su) #4

I was following U03.I didn’t create my own config file. I choose the” NDI Polaris with passive marker “ in Plus.And it was connected successfully.

(Kyle Sunderland) #5

Can you attach your log file?

If should be in:


(Zhao Su) #6

There are a lot of log files,I choose one latest.
sorry,I dont know how to upload files. Thanks a lot for your help!

(Kyle Sunderland) #7

Ok. within the config file, you need to specify StylusToReference as an outgoing transform.
Look for the “TransformNames” element within the PlusOpenIGTLinkServer.

Just add the following:

    <Transform Name="StylusToReference" />

You can add or remove transforms from this section.

(Zhao Su) #8

Sorry to bother you again. I was add that code .But there is still no “StylusToReference” under “IN” .Only one time ,there is a “StylusToTracker”.Most of time,there is nothing.
And there is an another question. When I click “Recording” in “Plus Remote” module, it was recording failed. Like that

This is my log file

Thanks a lot for your help!