Capture scene layout is broken in later nightlies

It take a blank screen captuure, and also saves it as a model node in the subject hierarchy. There is also this error message:

“class QColor __cdecl qSlicerSubjectHierarchyModelsPlugin::getDisplayColor(__int64,class QMap<int,class QVariant> &) const : No display node for model”

This going back at least a week.

Do you mean the SceneViews? Something is screwed up there. For me the image is upside down and the colors are wrong, but I don’t get that error message.


Yes, on linux I got wrong colors, and cut/flipped images. On windows I get the error message, and captured images are blank (or rather full black) and I get the error message.

also captured images shows as models in the subject hierarchy, which is confusing.

Thanks for reporting this! Looks like something to do with the latest SH hiccups. See for example this PR.

I’ve been having this issue too. Until it’s solved, it should work if you click on the radio buttons a couple of times.

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Should be fixed now: