Clip volume in Segment editor


Is there a way to clip (but not segment) the 3D rendering of a segment in segment editor? I want to use scissors to crop cervical vertebrae in skull CTs, and at some point I need a view of them looking through the top of the skull.

You can use Mask volume effect for this (provided by SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension). See short demo below:

Where can we got the SegmentEditorExtraEffects module for the last stable version 4.8?

Start Slicer, open Extension manager (menu: View/Extension Manager), type “extra” in the search box, click Install button below SegmentEditorExtraEffects.

Hello,Professor Lassoan!
The video cannot be openned correctly,would you like show me another link?
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The video works for me. What do you mean “correctly”?

The video is on YouTube. Make sure your personal/company/country firewall does not block it.

What a pity!
The YouTube is limited in mainland of China.Is there any other way can I see or download the video?
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I heard many people access YouTube using a VPN.

Are there other video sharing services similar to YouTube that are not blocked?

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I have loaded the video successfully!
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