Color another surface

Operating system:Unbuntu16.04.3
Slicer version:4.8.1-linux-amd64
Expected behavior:I have two 3d-mri images(assume they are a and b) and a segmentation from volume a.I want to using the gray intensity from b to make a color-show for the segmentation surface(using the vertex gray intensity). Thank you for a solution.
Note:1. Only the surface will show. The body of the segmentation will be discarded.
2. The vertex will be colored in outshow.–My biggest chanllenge.
Actual behavior:

It sounds like you are looking for this:

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Thank you for your patient solution. A bit more, can we use some features of segmentation or label classes to bypass the model using?
I hope more automatic.

You can export segmentation to models and run ProbeVolumeWithModel by writing a few lines of Python script.

These examples should help:

Thanks a lot.I solved it.

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