CommonTK website broken when going to URLs with www prefix

Posting this here because Slicer uses CTK and generally maintained by the same people: doesn’t work as a link, though the site is accessible through The www hyperlink version is posted at

From there is a link to the API documentation which is, but that doesn’t work however the non-www hyperlink works such as

There must be something wrong with the redirect of www links to the non-www link for this domain. There’s a bunch of links on commontk’s website that have the broken www version.

Thanks for the heads up :+1:

I don’t own the domain, and I don’t remember for sure who does. Maybe Kitware? (@jcfr do you know?) However I went ahead and fixed the repository homepage link and also the CTK code so most things won’t break. Would be good to fix the redirect to fix any lingering links.

I just asked our sysadmin to enable https and also add redirect for www domain.

I will update this thread when I hear back.

This has been addressed.