Broken link for uploaded file on Slicer wiki

Today I discovered that a PDF linked from a documentation wiki page disappeared (wiki page:, broken link:

@freephile can you help with this issue?

I was instructed by @mhalle to post this issue on the forum.

@freephile can you confirm you have seen this post? Do you think it is possible to recover the file missing?


The file itself is at

The wiki page for the file is

The problem is simply that the very old ‘slicerWiki’ path is used in the wiki content you cited.

Using the ‘Replace Text’ extension (a new admin feature of the Slicer wiki), I’m fixing hundreds of pages of content. This will fix the problem ‘on wiki’. For ‘off wiki’ content (e.g. bookmarks, publications), I’m currently working on implementing the rewrite rule which will a) serve the file at the correct location while b) sending a ‘moved permanently’ status code so old URLs are not indexed by search engines.

Aside: please post wiki issues to the eQuality Technology Customer Support forum.


Greg, thank you for recovering the file!

Indeed. I misunderstood instructions from @mhalle. Sorry.

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Greg, to make sure I understand correctly - it is not possible to make sure that the original link ( is functional, correct?

The issue is that this link is referenced from external sources, such as this post: How to analyze DCE-MRI data. I can fix the link in that post manually, but there may be other places I am not aware of. Overall, it is rather important that the original links don’t die. Is redirecting an option?

I’m working on the redirect rules now.

All “old” URLs will work – without appearing to search engines as if duplicate content is being served. The correct URLs will become canonical, improving SEO.

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This has been fixed, tested, and moved into production.