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Oh, also: I would suggest the “Feedback” button to be changed to “Feedback and Help” and point directly here.

But if people want to keep feedback landing wiki page in place (as a filter?), I’d like to simplify it a lot. The multi-level flow bullets, flowcharts, etc. are too busy.

I don’t like “SlicerDistributions” either. But simply “Distributions” could work. An advantage is that we could use the “distribution” (or “distro”) word to describe custom Slicer install packages.

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The updated site that you created looks very nice, but it would be a good time to move on to a more modern look.

The Jekyll templates on the site you listed looks awesome. Can you try to create a Slicer main page using one of those?

This is nice but the #1 goal was advertising in my opinion and from our initial project week conversations. Just provide a way for users to find the universe of Slicer* applications/extensions/distributions. While special slicelet simplification is nice, it is orthogonal to this basic need to increase visibility. Increased visibility==increased users==increased funding (we all hope).

Lauren, if the goal is advertisement, then I would expect this goal should be achieved outside of Slicer without the need to change anything in Slicer, by just crafting a fancy web site. But it would be of limited use if the user is lured in just to be overwhelmed by the 100s of Slicer modules and extensions.

So it seemed to me that the goal was simplification of the software presentation from the user perspective, and advertisement of the resulting simplified tool.

Sorry, I think I am still lost.