Poll: how do you like discourse so far?

  • Greatest thing ever!
  • This is going to work fine.
  • Not designed for our use case, but workable
  • People will be more confused than ever about Slicer
  • Turn it off!

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Reasons for my vote:


  • I like the social features and integration with other sites (github especially)
  • It’s modern and has lots of useful features

Slightly less than pros:

  • I didn’t find it particularly obvious what to do when I first got to the page
  • Finding documentation (like how to make a poll) was difficult (lots of googling before I found a blog post with some examples)

No real cons!

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I added Click "New Topic" to get started! to the first sentence in the welcome banner to maybe help.

What do you think about making the Category list the default view (https://discourse.slicer.org/categories)? I find it easier to get started from a list of categories than from a flat list of latest posts.

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Personally, I like the list of latest topic, gives you quick view instead of having to check each category.

I think Unread is the one I will end up using most. I don’t know how much traffic there is going to be, but I suspect I’ll try to read it all.

On the second look, I agree with Andras suggestion. I was looking at it from the phone, and it looks a bit different, but on the desktop it looks better.

It seems other many other sites end up using category view as homepage, too.

On Mozilla’s discourse site they analyzed site stats and it turned out to be a more welcoming homepage (https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/categories-as-homepage/280/24). It’s nice that with these tools you can make decisions based on data, not just on based on beliefs.

I’ve moved the category view to be the default view. If we want to change this, the setting is available here:

I don’t have a strong preference, but personally I always click Latest.

Latest is shown, too: left column is Categories, right column is Latest.

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Not on phone. Not a big deal though.