Compute thickness of branches in a 2D image

I would like to ask for suggestions on how to obtain the thickness of the edges in a given input image

Sample image:


Suggestions on how to proceed will be really helpful.

In the end, I would like to obtain the centerline skeleton and find the thickness (/radius measure similar to maximal inscribed sphere radius for 3D) of each edge/branch.

Have you tried to use VMTK for this? SlicerVMTK’s centerline extraction module may give you this information directly.

If VMTK does not work on your data then you can do what is described in this post: How to analyze the thickness of the model

@lassoan Thanks for the response. Yes, I could successfully obtain the thickness using Fiji. I will
check VMTK, I wasn’t sure about how the thickness is computed for 2D in VMTK .