Control Slicer using Surface Dial controller

In case you were wondering if you can use Surface Dial to control Slicer - yes, you can. See 1-minute demo here:

No change in 3D Slicer is necessary. Scrolling through slices, zooming in/out, traversing through the undo/redo stack of Segment Editor work out-of-the-box. You can configure additional tools by specifying application-specific keyboard shortcuts.

Feel free to post here if you have questions, suggestions, or has any experience to share.

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How to configure additional tools: click Windows icon, enter “Wheel Settings”, click “Add an app” in in App Tools section, select “SlicerApp-real.exe”, and click “Add a tool”. Examples for adding tools for Segment Editor (see complete list of Segment Editor keyboard shortcuts):

Segment select:

  • Custom tool name: Segment Select
  • Rotate right: None + W
  • Rotate left: None + Q
  • Click shortcut: None + Space (space switches between the last two effects in the latest nightly version, it’s useful to toggle between paint/erase; scissors/none; …)

Brush size:

  • Custom tool name: Brush Size
  • Rotate right: Ctrl + +
  • Rotate left: Ctrl + -
  • Click shortcut: None + Space