Convert STL model to segmentation node

I am having trouble creating a segmentation node from an STL of a 3d scan. The imported transform looks like this:

The segmentation has characteristics that are not present on the STL:

Help would be much appreciated.

It seems that the master representation when you choose the ‘Convert model to segmentation node’ stays binary labelmap, and the artifacts are probably the result of these two conversions (from stl to labelmap and then back to surface for 3D visualization).

I should probably fix this. @lassoan this seems a trivial issue, not sure if there was a decision to keep it labelmap.

In the meantime you can

  • Go to Segmentations module
  • Create new segmentation node
  • Change master to Closed surface
  • In Import/Export section import the model node to the segmentation node

This has worked! thank you

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