converting model to binary label map creates artifacts


I am trying to use the convert model to segmentation node but I get artifacts. Any idea on how to correct this issue?
Thank you!

Was the input model a closed surface?

There have been several projects using Slicer for orbital bone segmentation. You can find more information by searching on this forum. What is the approach that you are trying to implement?

Thank you @lassoan . Yes, the input was a closed surface of the orbital. I am trying to use the wrap solidify tool to create a closed surface after patching a fractured area with small patch surface. Hence combine two segmentations into one and then run the wrap tool to create a smooth surface.


You may be able to reconstruct the entire eye socket with wrap solidify effect, but if that is too hard then adding a patch manually could make sense. A segmentation’s binary labelmap representation may not be able to represent arbitrarily thin surface, so may you need to either make the surface thicker or change the segmentation to have smaller voxel size.

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