Cortical bone thickness measurement

Hello everyone !
I am currently working on cortical bone fissuration and to do so, i have to extract the volume of cortical bone from the femoral diaphysis to conduct finite element analysis.
As geometry of the bone plays a big part on its mechanical properties, i am trying several segmentation methods to analyse the geometrical variation of the models in function of the segmentations parameters. I have now three STL files segmented with different methods, with different visible thicknesses and i would like to compute precisely the thickness variation between those models.
I tried several approach to conduct thickness mapping compuration such as bone thickness mapping, DanielsonDistanceMap, Binarythinning or Probe Volume With Model but all those did not work on my computer.
As my need is, i think, really basic, do you know how could I proceed it ?

Here to image wath are the geoometrycal variations, a picture of two models superimposed with the thicker in red in transaprency and the thinner in yellow :

Thank you in advance for your help !