Could not load DICOM dta

I’ve already seen other suggestions on the same topic, but I don’t know if it corresponds with my case.
3D Slicer can’t load volume rendered 3D series like the one in the picture?
With other programs I visualize all the series, but when I import it into 3D slicer I lose a lot of information and all these volumes already in 3D have problems loading them.


Volume rendering is only a display method for real 3D data.

What is the file format you are trying to load?

All the files I try to load are DICOM files. And this is the error that it shows.


Sometimes regular images without scalar data are added to the PACS as DICOM files for persistence. I’ve encountered cases from reports and renderings generated by modality equipments (like in your case) to photographs of hand-filled forms.

This kind of data is closer to a bitmap than to a scalar volume and Slicer refuses to load it. Other DICOM viewers seem to assume some generic scalar values and render the images much like a CR instance frame.

Users interacting with a PACS through Slicer are unable to visualize the data. I wonder if there’s some way to display it in Slicer.

Slicer’s dicom module has a plugin architecture to let people load arbitrary dicom data (that’s how RT and other custom types are supported). If anyone wants to add new plugins for types (reports, renderings, forms, etc) new extensions would be welcome.

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Oh, I saw those! I know some places where handling common non-scalar, 2D image files would be useful. I will have to investigate further how these plugins work and how exactly the data is stored in cases such as equipment-generated renderings and reports.

Sounds good @Gabriel_WK - it’s hopefully clear what needs to be done but let us know if you have questions.

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