Covariate Significance Testing HELP

I am new to slicer SALT and I was trying to run this feature using sample data from

What do I input in shape for p-values? I’m using version 2.3.0-2020-04-06.
Also, when I try to select any random VTK file from the sample data, the only output I get is a CSV file, without any VTK files included.

I am familiarizing myself first with the sample data before I use them on my actual data.

Hi @Lyndon_Pardo

Does your csv file include the absolute paths to the input data? Any input data with inherent correspondence should work to include your p-values.


Hi! I already figured it out. Just a question, what is the protocol/framework of covariate significance testing? For documentation in my paper. Thanks!

A few references for the testing framework: