Shape analysis using MFSDA

Trying to run the Covariates Significance Test with SlicerSALT 3.0.0

  1. The program fails if the selected folder to store the output values is empty
  2. If pvalues.json and output.vtk are some empty files placed in the output folder, the modules closes abruptly
    3.I am also seeing this error: Source array too small, requested tuple at index 26101, but there are only 492 tuples in the array.

Hi Krithika,

I am sorry you are having problems with covariance testing. Can you describe your inputs to MSFDA?


Yes, input.csv which has two columns : VTK File and groups
Using the Shape Population Analyzer I am also able to load the data using the csv file.

Can you check the dimensionality of every sample you have? i.e. in unix systems, by going to the folder where the vtk’s are stated and doing head file.vtk. In bash that would be
for i in ./*vtk ; do head $i ; done

I can see that all vtk files have varying number of points. But all of them are in the range of 26000.

POINTS 25983 float

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixxed.