Cpack is broken because of wrong dcmtk path on Ubuntu 20


OS: Linux Ubuntu 20
3d slicer version: 4.11.20210226

I’m working on a 3d slicer custom app which uses slicelets.
3d slicer cpack is used to generate the install archive.
Unfortunately cpack process fails because it uses wrong path to copy dcmtk executables (for instance storescu).
It is due to a FindDCMTK script into the CTK repository, here is the fix I proposed: COMP: FindDCMTK: fix wrong DCMTK_DIR in CTK-build/CTKConfig.cmake by achataigner · Pull Request #960 · commontk/CTK · GitHub

Could you have a look at it ?

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Thank you, we will review it as soon as we can. The best is to keep the discussion at the CTK bugtracker.

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Issue added in ctk bugtracker: FindDCMTK.cmake can overwrite DCMTK_DIR previously set · Issue #966 · commontk/CTK · GitHub