Crop surface mesh (vtk file)


I got a surface mesh (vtk PolyData) and would like to extract a certain part of it and save it as a new file. All the tutorials I found were for volume mesh.

Thanks for the help.

Cheers Joëlle

All tutorials are for surface mesh. The segment editor always creates a closed surface mesh. Maybe you mean that you would like to create an open surface where you cut?

I use the following model. I’m not sure what you mean by open surface. I assume you mean a volume which isn’t closed.


I would like to cut a certain area of this model. Is there an easy way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

OK. For this, since you probably want to keep the open surface, probably the best tool is the ModelClip module (available in ModelClip extension).

My goal is to compare symmetry of the surface. But only on a certain part of the model. For this I need to be able to cut the model and save it as a new one.

I tried to work with ROI but I didn’t manage to only compare the ROI with each other.

To compare the surface I already asked once :slight_smile: (see link) Surface similarity of a model
Thanks again