cross-sectional image to reconstruct

I have a cross-sectional image of some nanostructure.
Cross-sectional images were taken continuously at equal intervals in a direction perpendicular to the cross-section.
I would like to do 3D reconstruction using these jpg files.
I was wondering where to start and if there would be a suitable module.

You can use ImageStacks module of SlicerMorph extension to import a sequence of bitmap files. You do need to enter the spacing information of the voxels (x, y, z axes)

See the tutorial here: Tutorials/ImageStacks at main · SlicerMorph/Tutorials (

Thank you for your quick and informative answer.
In addition, I would like to ask how I can export the data made in 3d to a cad file (ex.stl).

You need to segment your structure. Please read the segmentation section of the Slicer user manual at

Thanks a lot
First, i tried to follow the tutorial but i cannot find the video tutorial at all…
(New video tutorial for Segment editor - lumbar spine segmentation for 3D printing)

So I was going to refer to a few youtube. But the bar setting of threshold range is not active. I’m curious about the reason why it is not active…

have a nice day!

Practice first with the data from the tutorials. Then if there’s a step that you can get to work, share the exact steps you did together with the data needed to reproduce any issues.