Threshold values of Imagestacks

Hello, seniors

I reconstructed the 2D image in three dimensions using the imagestacks of the SlicerMorph module.
I like how the Imageacks generates features.
I want to create the same in the segmentation editor, but I wonder what parameters the imagestacks show the data with.

thanks a lot

I am not sure I understood your question. What do you mean by:

ImageStacks is a utility to import sequence of 2D images into slicer. It doesn’t have any “feature” generation functionality. Any volume you imported through ImageStacks, you can use it with Segment Editor.

Can you explain what you are trying to do?

I wanted to reconstruct the 2d image using imagestacks (SlicerMorph).
After importing photo data using imagestacks, I was able to check the 3D shape in the data tab.
And i like the 3D shape in the data tab.

I’d like to export this feature to a stl file.
So I thought I should make a feature on the segmentation tab (I followed the tutorial)
When I adjust threshold in segmentation, I found it is different from the 3D image I saw in the data(just after the imagestacks).

There is still something missing here.

Can you please provide screenshots of what you mean by “check the 3D shape in the data tab”.

Or the what is different “3D image I saw in the data”