CT slices are not stacked on top of each other

Hi Andras,

Another problem that I have encountered while loading a file of CT images is that they don’t stack on top of each other. This does not occur when viewing the images outside Slicer. I’ve tried attaching screen shots.




By default Slicer shows standard axial, sagittal, coronal oriented slices. If your volume is not axis-aligned and the spacing between slices is very large then you may get staircase appearance.

For non-axis-aligned acquisitions, you may want to show the slices in their native orientation, by using “Rotate to volume plane” function.

If you want to process a volume that has highly anisotropic spacing (e.g., 10x larger spacing between slices than spacing between pixels within a slice) and you want to process it (segment, register, etc.) then it is strongly recommended to crop&resample the volume to have isotropic spacing, using Crop volume module.