Dashed lines for isodose curves

Dear Slicer experts,

Is there any way to create isodose curves using dashed lines (or dots, just not solid lines) in the Radiotherapy Isodose extension? I took a look in the Models module where the thickness of the isodose curves can be altered. But I did unfortunately not figure out a way to change the line type.



Hi Lars,

As far as I know model intersections indeed don’t support line styles. It may be possible to implement by running a filter on the line given by vtkCutter around here, but I’m not aware of a VTK filter that does that. If there is one, then this is fairly easy to implement.

Or perhaps use these properties for the actor

I quickly tried the latter (added actorProperties->SetLineStipplePattern(0xf0); under this line). It seems to work well, but it looks strange when zoomed out:

@pieper @lassoan Any idea why? I can add a combobox for line style in Models / Slice Display if this is figured out.

Here is an example that uses texture:

Thank you, @Lorensen! Especially that the way I found is no longer supported in OpenGL2, which will be the default version soon (hopefully). I’ll try this out.

Unfortunately vtkActor2D does not support textures. I’m not sure if a vtkActor could be used for model slice intersections.

Work-in-progress topic branch here: https://github.com/cpinter/Slicer/tree/slice-intersection-line-styles