Data module: remember previous zoom & pan & slice selection when making a volume visible

In the Data module if a different Volume is made visible, the full field of view of that Volume is displayed in each orthogonal slice, for the middle slice in the respective series.

I would prefer either one of the following:

  • remember any previously used display parameters (zoom, pan, slice selection) for that Volume, and re-apply them when displaying the Volume again; or
  • remember the ‘incumbent’ display parameters (zoom, pan, slice selection) for the Volume that had most recently been visible, and apply them to the newly visible Volume.


This is currently possible when selecting the volume to view by using a slice view controller to set your background(or foreground) volume node.

You can also right-click the eye icon to customize what it does. You can disable resetting of field of view and orientation by unchecking the corresponding two checkboxes:

Thanks, James.
I had seen the ‘preferred’ behaviour in the Slice Controllers of the View Controllers module before — although I’d temporarily forgotten about it, so it’s good to be reminded.
However, it seems that in there the volume would have to be specified three separate times — once for each orthogonal slice.

Thanks, Andras.
So it seems that the feature I was talking about is already present!

I notice that it is necessary to right-click on the eye for one of the volumes in the hierarchy (it won’t work when clicking on the eye for a segmentation, for example), and thereafter the setting is automatically applied to all other volumes open in that instance of Slicer.
It appears that the preference is also preserved for new instances of Slicer.


P.S. It never occurred to me to right-click any of the eyes in the hierarchy.

You only have to do it once if you have pressed the link button in the slice controller. This applies the same action to all linked slice views.

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