DCE analysis - Fitted signal curve does not make sense

Is the issue with the Output Fitted Data 4D a common issue? I believe I am having the same difficulty with viewing the fitted results as what is shown above and wonder if there is a way to fix/work around this. Specifically the output 4D data shows a flat baseline for all the voxels similar to what Sharon showed in post 25.

@bmb777 no, it should not be a common issue. This needs to be investigated, but I am strapped on time right now, and have no one to delegate.

Could you possibly submit an issue to PkModeling and include a pointer to a dataset that allows to reproduce this problem?

edit 2: The issue was cause by me prescribing the AIF with units of milliseconds rather than seconds. Changing this corrected the issue.


@bmb777 I am glad you resolved it, and I really appreciate that you took the time to post the resolution back to the forum! :+1: