Deep Vein Segmentation And 3D Reconstruction


I am working on 3D slicer to extract deep vein in legs by using MRI images.

And I used 2 way to get the result:

1- First way I apply Level set segmentation from Vascular Modeling Toolkit Model,

2- second way I apply Region Growing Model,

My first question is: this model that I applied is ok for segmentation of deep vein.
My second question is: I try to get more accuracy result, So there is model or way in 3d slicer to calculate the accuracy or (error)

Thank you,


There is no such thing as a perfect segmentation, only that is suitable for a specific clinical purpose. What is your goal? What information would you like to extract from the image? What are your accuracy requirements?


Thank you for your reply.

My goal is to segment MRI images for deep vein in legs to get the boundary of vein in each image , after that reconstruct the vein by using boundaries in all images.
I applied Level Set Segmentation from VMTK model to get the geometry of deep vein in knee.
Also I applied Simple Region Growing Segmentation for same previous reason.
So I need to know how I can calculate the error between real vein and vein that I extract?
For example the diameter/volume of vein that I extract is equal to diameter/volume of real vein or how much the vein that I extract is match to real vein?
What are the criteria to detect the error?