Determine performance metrics

can i determine performance metrics (Dice, Accuracy, sensitivity,…) with slicer ?

You can use Segment Comparison module in SlicerRT extension for computing Hausdorff and Dice metrics.

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thank you
but i can’t select the image in referent segment or compare segment

If you have your structures in a labelmap then you need to import them into a segmentation node (using Segmentations module) before using Segment Comparison.

ok thank you

how can I import a segmentation not a data that I’m going to segment manually?
i have already a segmentation, i need to import it not as normal data but as segmentation data

I can’t import the file from there I click several times on import and it does not work

Darg&drop the file into Slicer. If it’s DICOM then select the DICOM option.

The Import button in your screenshot imports labelmaps or models already loaded into Slicer as segmentation.

the segmentation images that I have are nifti type
i just want to import and compare them
and when I load the data, they are read as normal data, no segmentation
so I can’t compare them