DICOM Images Uploading Incorrectly

Hello! I have a set of cardiac MRI data that I want to import into Slicer3D for left ventricle segmentation and then exporting a surface 3d model .stl.

I have individual DICOM folders containing all of the DICOM images for each timestep because I want to do surface reconstruction analysis independently for each timestep.

Here is a dropbox link to the folder for the first timestep ‘t1’ containing 20 anonymized MRI images, 14 from the short view, 3 from a 2 chamber long view, and 3 from a 4 chamber long view.

when I load this folder directly using the DICOM importer I get a view that looks like this,

I tried to use the DICOM patcher to make the series ID’s uniform and correct inconsistencies. This is what the view looked like then

This also did not work. But I am very new to slicer3D and am not sure if I’m missing something

Usually one plane view looks good and I am able to traverse all the slices in that plane, however the other two planes are cropped and irregular and cannot be segmented.

I want to get a view where the short view, 2 chamber, and 4 chamber views are represented in each of the 3 screens and segment each individually to extract a volume/surface generation.

Wondering if anybody has had similar issues? or could help?
Thank you!