DICOM Loading Planes Problems

Hello team,

I’m relatively new to 3D Slicer, I have a MRI study with several series description, 19 series to be exact with 1957 instances, however, when I tried to load the images, I don’t get the three planes correctly. I understand that they are different studies, but when I choose a series number, it won’t choose the correct planes. Probably I need to go back to the study and change some settings? I have the brain MR and in the same study I have an Angio Brain MR. To be more specific my main goal is to visualize the three planes and I don’t know where my error is. Is it the radiologist technician? Am I uploading the series incorrectly? A tutorial or somebody that I could talk to I would appreciate it!!!

Thank you!


Please try with latest Slicer Preview Release. We have made lots of fixes and improvements that might help.

Angio series may be 2D time series, and then it is normal that you see them only in a single plane.
Can you post a few screenshots or explain in detail what you mean by “I don’t get the three planes correctly”?