Difference of spacing was detected during DICOM loading

Thank you very much for your reply!
Now I have another problem wit the DICOM-data and I get this error:
“Images are no spaced (a difference of 60.5 vs 0.5 spacing was detected) If loaded image appears ditored, enable “Acquisition regularization” in Applications setting…”
I followed the instructions and enabled the Acquisition regularization but first the error still eccured and the data was even more distored then before. Do you know what I can do or how I can align the slices better? Thank you very much for your help in advance!

This is a large difference. Probably your volume has an extra slice or slices are mixed up.

Try the latest Slicer preview release, as we added some more filtering of invalid slices in there. After loading, harden the transform on the volume.

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Thank you for your reply,
yeah thats probabbly the case, that the slices got mixed up.
Do you mean the new version 4.11.0?