Different semi-automatic segmentation method on PET image

Operating system: Windows 11 home
Slicer version: Slicer 4.13.0-2021-12-15
I have a few questions relating to applying different segmentation method on a PET image.

  1. I have applied a few segmentation methods on my PET image and would like to extract features from all those segments together into a table. Please have a look at the different segments. I had to export the segments to labelmap to extract features. I was manually selecting each segment and calculating the features which takes time.

  1. Also while calculating segments using segment statistics module, I could see different options like labelmap statistics, scalar volume statistics, closed surface statistics and PET volume statistics. I am confused about which one to select because, in the 'input ’ > segmentation option, I can only see ‘closed surface’ segments and not labelmap.

  1. Is it possible to integrate results of segment statistics with output of radiomics module into a single table as I have 100 patients on which I have to repeat the same procedure and a single table for each patient would be easy to handle (calculated for all segments)
  2. Is it possible to see the tumours outlined using different segmentation method on the PET image so the differences in tumour outline by different methods can be easily seen?
  3. I would also like to know the default resampled voxel size value Log kernel size and bin width available under the ‘Radiomics’ module. I could see that 3D slicer calculates the features even if I don’t enter a resampled voxel size value.
    Thanks in advance