Diffusion Tensor Imaging tutorial - volume masking module nightly build (posterior to 2/23/2016)

Im in a DTI tutorial & asking to install the version of the Diffusion Weighted Volume Masking module Slicer4.5 nighlty build posterior to Feb.23, 2016 and I cant find it. The download slicer says like this. Where should I get the older release of the nightly build? thank you.

Hi Ron -

Probably the 4.6.2 version will work for that tutorial. Depending on what
you find it would be good if you could email the tutorial author and let
them know if it does or doesn’t work so the contents can be updated.


Thank you very much steve, I am new with 3D slicer. I am an observer at Golby Brain lab at BWH and I have to further learn slicer so I can practice in the Philippines. I am happy to learn about 3D slicer.

Thank you.

Hi Ron,
I realized we had links to old tutorial versions on our web page, but they are now updated. If you found the tutorial from there, please visit again and use the updated tutorials (which should match the nightly version – please let us know if anything is outdated).

Yes, welcome! I recognized your name from the meeting on Friday. We really appreciate your feedback so let us know of any issues or questions and we’ll try to help.


Ok! Thank you very much.


Hi Isaiah,

Thank you very much for the reply. I will definitely try all the brain tutorials and most probably if there are some questions in my mind I will definitely try to raise it soon for clarifications. I know being active here is the only way to learn the software.

Thanks and good day!


Hi Steve still the versions 4.6, 4.6.2 and 4.7 slicer has no diffusion weighted volume masking to proceed with the diffusion tensor imaging tutorial. The 4.5 version has, but the baseline b-value threshold parameter is not present.

There is a note at the page of the DTI tutorial that says:
Note: This version of the Diffusion Weighted Volume Masking module is available in the Slicer4.5 nighlty build posterior to Feb.23, 2016.

I don’t know where to find that version. There is no posted older releases of the nightly version in the installer.

Thank you.



Ron C. Pilotin MD, FPCR

Please install the SlicerDMRI extension from the extension manager. See notes here:


Thank you very much.