Diffusion tractography performance limit questions

I’m trying to use slicer to visualize tracks. My diffusion volumes were 275x225x450 with 0.2mm voxels.

Has anyone explored the limits of track visualization? Memory usage appears strangely high when I load in my tracks, the vtk fiberbundles are less than 1GiB on disk, but use 25+GiB in RAM.

My total number of tracks may be high, it seems to indicate I’m loading 200,000+ tracks in about 20 different vtk fiberbundle files. Some of which have 45,000, others having only 200-1000.

When these tracks are initially loaded the interface is frustratingly slow/laggy, even after disabling the display modules. I’ve tested in slicer 4.6, 4.8, and nightly of 2018-02-06. After saving and loading all tracks and the scene, and switching visualization to lines colored by segment, instead of tubes, the interface behaves reasonably.

I’m working on performance improvements for this issue. My current largest test-set is about 400MB, so if you are able to share your dataset, I would be interested in looking at it (via dropbox, gdrive, etc. – if you want to email me: inorton at bwh dot harvard dot edu).

switching visualization to lines colored by segment, instead of tubes

The performance difference between these two should go away soon, thanks to the VTK opengl2 improvements.

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