Discourse post directly from error log

i like the idea of having links in slicer directly. may i suggest in the log messages panel adding an additional paste to forum button so when various errors are selected they can be placed directly in the text (or clipboard).
another thought is to have the 1st log entry be a sys info like the template on the new topic. that way its pre-captured in a structured way. just sayin’

I’ve updated links in the error report dialog in Slicer (menu: Help / Report a bug) to point to the Slicer forum.
I’ve also implemented pre-populating the error report post with operating system and Slicer version:


@lassoan Well done :thumbsup:

Look like there are a small issue with new line (tested on Ubuntu 15.10).

On the other hand, if I do right click and Copy Link Location, the link is this one:


and it works as expected if I copy it in the address bar.

This is very strange, because spaces are correctly resolved. Does it maybe work with %0D instead of %0A?

I couldn’t find a way to pass multiline text through URL. I’ve changed the pre-populated text to be single-line.

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