"Slicer has caught an application error" suggested report location

I’ve come across the following error display which says to report the issue following instructions available at https://slicer.org, but it isn’t obviously clear what instructions at slicer.org to follow.


The text about following instructions available at https://slicer.org is found in these 2 places of the code (see below). Should it instead link to the Bug Report template for the Slicer GitHub repo which includes instructions for the user to write steps to reproduce, platform used, etc? Or should the user be sent to https://discourse.slicer.org/ to write up the steps to reproduce? Whether GitHub or the forum, both require a user account to submit so I don’t think one has a smaller barrier of entry for reporting these errors.

Good catch @jamesobutler. How about sending them here:


If the application is a Slicer custom app, does it make sense to still send to a Slicer documentation page? Maybe if the application name is not “Slicer” (aka slicer.app.isCustomMainApplication), then to use the slicer.app.documentationBaseUrl or slicer.app.repositoryURL (although I guess this could be a private repo).

Good point, the url should be configurable for a custom app.

I’ve created the following issue so I don’t forget to come back to this:

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