Slicer batch processing question (--no-main-window --python-script)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find the best way to quickly batch process a number of folders containing head MRI dicom files to .nii files. Basically the pipeline should work like this: import the dicom files > load them as a volume > save the volume as a .nii file.
I am trying to do this using the slicer from terminal: Slicer --no-main-window --python-script (as is described in here
The python script goes like this:

i = ctk.ctkDICOMIndexer()
i.addDirectory(slicer.dicomDatabase, '/home/me/Documents/25/25')

How can I do the next necessary steps to load the dicom files as volumes and save them as .nii files?

Thank you in advance

There’s a module for a similar task

Your use case seems to be simpler than this, and most of it is contained in this module. What you need to implement in addition is the one-line command to save the loaded volume as nii.

Thank you for your response. What I am looking for is ways to batch process multiple files through scripting with python. Perhaps there is some tutorial or a wiki page about this kind of processing? For example, I am not able to find the command to load the imported dicom files as a volume (without the Slicer GUI because I need to to do it as a batch script). Later on I will probably need to batch process more than just loading and saving.

This module does something similar to what you want to do: Readme file here is all the documentation that we have, unfortunately:

Have you seen my answer above? It is I think exactly what you need.

Hi all,

I have a related question :

it is not possible to run Slicer in batch mode (on a cluster) to make video of the volume rendering using the module Screen Capture, isn’t it? I guess for the rendering is needed to load the GUI to init the 3DView, isn’t it?

Moreover, (by running with only the option --python-script) Do I need to install VirtualGL and turbovnc?

(additional reference

Screen Capture module requires Slicer application GUI. The GUI may not need to be visible, but at least windows need to be created.

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Images built off should be helpful. This what we is (will be) used for running Slicer tests on CircleCI

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