PW 39 Project Page Update: Presenter Location

We have updated the project pages to include whether the presenter will be in-person or online:

We have gone through and set the presenter location based on the registration status of the first key investigator, but please let us know / edit the page yourself if we got it wrong.

For new project pages, the Presenter Location can be set when creating the Project Issue, or edited directly when creating a project from the template (see code below).

For existing project pages, you can edit the presenter_location element at the top of the file in your project folder (see example of the top section of the file below)

layout: pw39-project

permalink: /:path/

project_title: Write full project title here
category: Uncategorized
presenter_location: Online  #<---- Update this line to In-person or Online!

- name: Person Doe
  affiliation: University

- name: Person2 Doe2
  affiliation: University2
  country: Spain

If you need assistance with this, please feel free to create a Proposal issue on the GitHub Repo to request that your page be updated.

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