Downsizing CBCT voxel size

I’m doing my masters in Orthodontics in Australia. I’m conducting a study examining the effects of another orthodontic appliance, the Twin Block Appliance. The CBCT data I have is 0.3 mm voxel size. I have been using the ‘downsize’ module to change the voxel size to 0.5 mm.

However, since the November update, the ‘Downsize’ module does not work anymore. It says ‘completed with errors’.
Are you able to please help me solve this problem?

I am not familiar with Downsize module, is this part of the SlicerCMF? If so, until it is fixed, you can probaby use the core Slicer module Crop VOlume. In crop volume you enter ratios of how much you want to downsample. FOr example 2 would reduce each axis by 50%. In your case you want to enter 1.66.

Alternatively, you can use another module called Resample Scalar Volume, which would allow you to enter the requested voxel spacing directly…