Dragging xml file as segmentation in 3D slicer

I have a file with dicom images (CT volume) and xml as the segmentation (just one xml file), when I drag the whole file into the slicer, only dicom image is shown, I couldn’t get the xml segmentation to be imported.

I checked the data as well and there is only the CT volume. I would like to ask how can I import the xml file. Eventually I would like to convert it to nrrd segmentation file.

Thank you!

If the DICOM module is active then all drag-and-dropped file goes right into the DICOM database. If you want to load non-DICOM data, for example OsiriX segmentation files then switch to a different module before drag-and-dropping the data.

Hi Andras,

I did do that but didn’t work.

I have a folder that contains the CT volume and one xml file as well, I tried to drag the folder but it didnt show the segmentation, only the CT volume.


What software did you use for creating this segmentation?
Can you provide an example? (upload it to somewhere and post the link here; make sure no patient information is included)


For sure, I believe the data is annonymized so hopefully its ok to upload here.

the link will expire…


not sure about the software which they used.


the dataset was from here.

@tenzin_kunkyab: That data is famously hard to work with in its native form, but fortunately @fedorov has spent a lot of time making standard representations that are easy to work with in Slicer. Please read this paper for details: